A world class assortment

When looking for a highly specialised supplier with a wide range of fresh-frozen fish and meat products who can offer exotic as well as traditional fish and meat products at highly competitive prices you currently find yourself at the right place. By looking across borders Bonesca brings the world to you.

Our assortment is carefully selected and contains only the best fresh-frozen fish and meat products from all over the world. From the North Sea to Caspian Sea and from Amazon River to Lake Victoria.


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Bonesca supplies:

• Whole fish (freshwater, saltwater and grow fish)
• Steaks
• Filets
• Smoked and Steamed
• Shrimps
• Crab
• Lobster
• Surimi
• Squid
• Molluscs
• Shellfish / Crustaceans
• Sushi products
• Breaded products
• Meat
• Poultry

A fine selection of our range

It’s a great honor to introduce you to a fine selection of our wide selection.