About Bonesca

Thanks a lot for visiting this specific page. Most of the time when people visit the “about us” page there is already a good amount of interest due to the good products displayed but still you want to find that extra bit of reliability. You might have some unanswered questions about who we are and what we stand for before doing business with us. We completely understand!

Bertus Brouwer

Director Bonesca Import & Export BV

The origin of Bonesca

By Bertus Brouwer, CEO and founder of Bonesca

My father traded in exotic foods and as a boy it didn’t take long before I became interested in the family business. Working in the warehouse, I opened every box or case when I came across a new product and started looking for their origin and applications. After leaving school I was able to put this knowledge to good use when I started working as a buyer and seller of exotic fruit and vegetables.

When I wanted to start my own business, I decided to combine my interest in exotic foods with my roots in the fishing village of Urk. This proved to be a winning combination and Bonesca has grown to become a serious player within the international fish trade. The company is now based in Urk, the fishing capital of the world.

Bonesca delivers quality products at the lowest possible price and that is an unusual combination. More often then not one of those two has to give way for the other and new customers are often pleasantly surprised. How we manage this feat is through our purchasing strategy that ensures good prices for our customers. And when a product rises too much in price, we take it out of our our range since the alternative offers more value for money. As a customer you can be sure that you will always find the best deal at Bonesca.

Not convinced yet, or just curious? Come and visit us for a cup of coffee and some good conversation. We are happy to show you our business so that you can experience with your own eyes that quality and affordability can go hand in hand.

We look forward to seeing you,

“We believe in the need for liberalisation, competition and value for money”