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Looking for a trustworthy and reliable partner in fresh-frozen fish and meat products from domestic and abroad? A highly specialized partner with knowledge and expertise on exotic as well as traditional products? A specialist partner who creates value just by listening to what her client really wants? With honest care and attention to its products, packaging and prices? Nice to meet you, we are Bonesca!

Bonesa Import and Export BV was founded in 2009 as a specialist in fish and meat products from all corners of the earth.
The name Bonesca is derived from the Latin words Bone and Esca meaning “translated food”. And good food … that’s exactly what we stand for!

Our primary focus is on delivering traditional and exotic fresh frozen fish and meat products to the Asian, Arab, Indian and African global consumers worldwide.

We are a young and dynamic company with guts and vision.

Bonesca is affiliated with Dayseaday, Fresh and Frozen Fish Products.

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Want to see more of Bonesca? Check out our business promo to get a good impression of our company! Or just download the web version of our luxurious brochure.